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A collaboration challenge for writers and podficcers

Welcome to pod_together (also mirrored on Dreamwidth, twitter and tumblr)! A challenge where writers and podficcers join together to create awesome projects - the writer writing something specifically to be podficced, and the podficcer recording it.

Why are we doing this?

Reason One: A lot of podfic meta talks about the connection between podfic acting and TV or movie acting. But there haven't been many stories written specifically for podfic before. This challenge will give us a chance to take that analogy a step further, and also dispel some of the sense that podfic is nothing but a format shift for stories intended to be read on paper.

Reason Two: We think it will be a fun and interesting challenge for writers to write something specifically meant to be performed. For podficcers, the interesting challenge will be figuring out how to adapt to this format and bring the story to life.

Please read our FAQ/Rules post for more information.

2015 Timeline

Saturday May 30th individual sign ups open.
Saturday June 6th group sign ups open.
Sunday June 14th sign ups close.
Monday June 15th assignments go out to those who signed up individually.
June 15th-19th icebreaker week.
Sunday June 28th check in #1.
Sunday July 12th check in #2.
Sunday July 19th completed writing due.
Sunday August 2nd check in #3.
Wednesday August 12th early podfic submission date.
Sunday August 16th all podfics due.
Wednesday August 19th posting starts.
Friday August 28th posting ends, Party Favors due.
Saturday August 29th Party Favors posted.