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All 2011 Projects now Posted!

Note: As everyone has probably noticed LJ is being a pain in the butt about posting anything (or even showing up at times) due to a DDoS attack. I highly encourage people to leave their comments over at the Dreamwidth post instead, since it's working. You can sign in using open ID and your LJ name if you don't have a Dreamwidth account.

Yesterday Tuesday was our last day posting reveals for pod_together. We had 41 projects turned in by 73 talented people in 31 different fandoms.

You all are awesome!

We'd like to send thanks to everyone who took part in this challenge! To participants, especially pinch hitters and those who took on more than one project. To all who helped spread the word about this comm, or who helped out in other ways such as cheerleaders, betas and readers/listeners of the final projects. To Amelia at AO3 for helping us get set up over there, providing us with invites and making sure that streaming was available on time for reveals. And to lazigyrl who put in time when she was super busy to help with some things on the website (which none of you saw but we still appreciated).

It was so exciting for us to see all the finished projects, and to see how authors and podficcers alike experimented and pushed boundaries to take full advantage of this challenge. You can see all our works here. It's been amazing, and we hope to see you back next year for round 2!

And with that, we'd like to open the comments up to you. We'd love for people to talk about their experiences and share their observations, kind of like a mini DVD commentary for your project. What went well? What did you find challenging? What surprised you? Did you change up your usual creative process for your project? What are your thoughts on author/podficcer collaborations after this experience, and do you have plans/hopes/ideas for future collaborations?


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