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Day 10: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The 100, MCU x 2, Star Trek AOS/Fast and the Furious
podklb wrote in pod_together
Undercover Between Friends (Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV))
written by [ profile] flipflop_diva, performed by [ profile] croissantkatie
Summary: It was totally a good idea to make a puzzle so the Nine-Nine could figure out what happened to Jake and Holt. It was totally not a good idea to send that puzzle to Charles.

Monty Green, Private Eye (The 100 (TV))
written by [ profile] growlery, performed by [ profile] knight_tracer
Summary: “Okay,” Monty says, rubbing his aching temples. He feels very film noir, which would have thrilled him back when he started this private investigator thing, but now just makes him want to take the world’s longest shower. “What do you need from me, exactly?”

Lincoln, who has the soulful eyes and perfectly chiselled features of a femme fatale but basically nothing else, sighs.

The Stranger At The Door (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
written by [ profile] flipflop_diva, performed by [ profile] lattice_frames, [ profile] Port
Summary: The last thing Laura Barton expected to find on that sunny Saturday morning in May after her husband had told her he would be there in an hour was opening the front door to find said husband covered in dirt and blood and holding an unconscious redhead in his arms.

And so went the first time Laura Barton met Natasha Romanoff.

Like Running Water Slipping Through My Fingers (Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel))
written by [ profile] IndigoNight, performed by [ profile] gncurrier, [ profile] reena_jenkins
Summary: In the end, they don't find the Winter Soldier. They find Bucky Barnes, knocking on a door in Brooklyn and wondering why his Ma won't let him inside.

All Comes Tumbling Down (Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies), Fast and the Furious Series)
written by [ profile] mizubyte, performed by [ profile] araline
Summary: Three years after the events of The Fast and the Furious (but with spaceships!) Brian's happy with his new family and life. Until he bumps into the last people that he wants to see.


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